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The farmer received from the insurance company "Consent" compensation in the amount of 4.9 million rubles. for the loss of crops due to the heat wave
At the end of 2018, the head of the peasant (farmer) economy, individual entrepreneur Alexander Knyazev signed with the insurance company "the Consent" contract of voluntary insurance against natural hazards winter wheat on a total area of 1940 ha.
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In late may, Novousmanskiy district, Voronezh region was a heat wave and drought, which, with short breaks continued until the end of June. Long-term impact of natural hazards resulted in damage to winter wheat. As a result, the client of the insurance company "Consent" has received a significant shortage of the crop.

Insurance company "Consent" recognized the case for insurance. The total amount of insurance indemnity amounted to 4.9 mln.

The agricultural products insurance is one of the strategic businesses of the insurance company "Consent". In the first 9 months of 2019, the company took the 5th place in the Russian insurance market selkhozizdat.

Voronezh branch of the insurance company "Consent" operates since 2004. In the Voronezh region "Consent" is one of the leading companies in insurance of agricultural crops and animals, and is consistently in the top three insurance companies in the region engaged in insurance selkhozizdat.

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