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The Ministry of agriculture: the register of domestic producers of organic products will be in February
In February in Russia will appear in the register of domestic producers of organic products. This was stated by the head of Department of organization of scientific research Department of science and technology policy and education Vladislav Nesmeyanov at the meeting in the Federation Council on monitoring entered into force on 1 January of the law on olproduktion.
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The official said that to date, the registry is already 19 companies producing organic products. The establishment of register of producers of olproduktion stipulated by the relevant law. The document also provides for the marking of such products with a special sign.

"The sign is designed, however, to the manufacturer to apply it, you need to confirm their presence in the registry. In January, the trade network is still taking organic products without such labeling, but next month it will be impossible," — said Vladislav Nesmeyanov.


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