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In Russia may impose temporary restrictions on import of regulated products
The Ministry of agriculture has developed the procedure for introduction of temporary restrictions on the import into Russia of regulated products. According to the Ministry dated March 2, 2020, which read "Interfax", temporary restrictions on import of such products are emergency quarantine and phytosanitary measures are established by the Rosselkhoznadzor to eliminate the causes giving rise to their introduction.
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The decision on the introduction of these measures is taken in case of existence information about the origin throughout the territory of a foreign state or its part, the territories of groups of foreign States are foci of quarantine objects, as well as systematic detection of these objects in the batches of regulated products that are imported into the Russian Federation.

When deciding on the introduction of restrictions will include the results of phytosanitary risk analysis carried out in accordance with current procedure, which was approved by the Ministry of agriculture.

The decision on restrictions will indicate the validity period and the commencement of the relevant decision in force. Changes in the timing constraints or abolition are also documented by the Rosselkhoznadzor.

The deadline for a decision on the introduction of time limits is not more than 30 working days from the date of receipt of information about outbreaks of quarantine objects. The decision on its cancellation — not later than 60 working days from the date of receipt of information about the elimination of the causes giving rise to the imposition of time limits.

The document was adopted in accordance with the law "On plant quarantine".

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