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Rostselmash has shown in cleaning drone harvester
In the fields tested technology of the future - unmanned agromashin Rostselmash.
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A company representative notes that the harvester moves along a predetermined path, adhering to the specified route with an accuracy of 10 cm, and when it detects obstacles autopilot automatically stops the machine — preventing the hindrance to the operator.

Unmanned harvester is development — part of the innovative project "Smart agriculture". The project is aimed at the massive use of unmanned technology and precision navigation in agriculture.

Unmanned agromashina TORUM, equipped with a wide range of smart systems:

  1. The RSM system Router helps to establish the most effective scheme-the route of movement of vehicles in the field, allows to produce in a period of cleaning without loss and improves performance by 15-20%. The system is an algorithm that produces calculations in the framework of the specific characteristics of fields and crops. The main objective of this system is to coordinate the work machines through the transmission of job cards in the onboard computer of the machine.
  1. RSM Optimax is designed to assist in the selection of the optimal settings of the processor depending on current conditions. The system using dialog boxes in the process of "dialogue" with the operator defines the most optimum setting of the combine. The decision to change takes the operator - the system only offers. After receiving confirmation from the operator about the change, the system applies the changes. The effect of the proposed configuration will be sent to the on-Board system simultaneously with the assignment of work.
  1. Based on information from the installed in the hopper sensors, system Level Control monitors the level of filling of grain. If in the bunker more than 25% of the grain, the system will not allow it to shut down to avoid damage to the fastening elements of the designs in the bunker
  1. In the process, when you change data - the change in the level of productivity, more rapid filling of the hopper, the system informs drivers of the respective cars on the allocation of time and areas of discharge and send them update via GSM channel. Thanks to this system, the logistics is optimized by 25% and eliminated downtime.
  1. Own system of mapping yield Mapping Yield RSM is developed on the basis of the sensor yield and moisture. The threshing system provides measurement at each point of the field and mapping of yield and moisture. Data is continuously transmitted to the server platform Agrotronic, where it is automatically analysed and presented in the form of maps. The user can at any time view to process and upload for later use, including mapping of differential fertilizer.
  1. The operator needs to follow the Reaper, so it is most effectively captured the culture and, on the one hand, was left with uncut ears, and on the other, to zadeystvovany area of the header. The system driving the RSM AutoDriver allows you to control the path of movement of the harvester and drive it parallel to the previous pass. A distinctive feature of the system is the ability to send a job to the system driving through the platform Agrotronic. A distinctive feature of the system is the ability to operate the differential correction service. This allows to achieve a positioning accuracy of the machine to 2.5 cm anywhere in the world.
  1. Depending on the load of the engine, an inclined chamber, Domracheva the device of the rotor and the magnitude of the losses, the RSM system AutoCrop automatically adjusts to the optimal cleaning speed. This provides a stable mass flow at the entrance to the IAS, and this means stable flow of the process of threshing and cleaning with minimal losses.
  1. If the path of the harvester there is an obstacle, the RSM system Explorer Plus automatically stops the machine — preventing the hindrance to the operator. This helps to prevent obstacle collision and to protect the bodies from external influences during the service, including to secure the use of the machine unmanned. The system can also automatically manage the process of raising the harvester prior to the reversal, by the reversal and lowering of the header before combining.
  1. Brand new TORUM, equipped with systems of automation of technological process carefully threshes the grain. Complex intelligent systems operate the processor reduces the load on the operator. Functions of machine vision provides a new level of safety during the harvest.

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