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"Green technology": new business opportunities
Machines with electric motors has long crossed the bounds of the automotive industry and actively conquer the market of special equipment. Compared to standard petrol and diesel powertrains, the electric counterparts, there are a number of advantages. They help to extend the range of application of excavators and loaders, as well as to reduce the cost of their service.
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Environmentally friendly and not only

The traditional argument in favor of cars with electric motors linked to the environmental component. The absence of emissions of harmful gases and particles in the atmosphere when such technology allow us to care about the environment and complying with environmental requirements. However, for specialized equipment only this factor is not enough. "Green" excavators and forklifts must give way to diesel models on the main characteristics to be inexpensive to maintain and also have unique advantages that will open new business opportunities to increase volume of work and steady growth. Manufacturers of machinery around the world a few years trying to solve this problem and eventually succeeded. The experience of operation of models with electric motors confirms this fact.

Excavator on batteries

Such machines only started to appear on the Russian market, but has already shown itself from the best side. All-electric mini excavator JCB 19C-1E — of them.

It is equipped with 3-phase AC motor with permanent magnets, the peak power of the power unit is 20 kW continuous to 7 kW. Rechargeable battery provides 4-5 hours of continuous operation. Built-in battery charger allows you to connect directly to AC power. To charge three rechargeable batteries (included as standard) from the network 110 In the car would take 12 hours, from network from network 230 V — 8 hours. There is also the option of quick external recharging — 2-2. 5 hours at 415 V. the battery Level is monitored using the indicator on the dashboard.

On layered manganese lithium ion battery works five-year manufacturer's warranty (or 6,000 m. h). The battery pack requires no maintenance and located deep inside the chassis, eliminating the theft of batteries and their damage. Automatic idle reduces engine speed during idle time within a specified period of time, allowing efficient use of the battery.

Less noise

The electric motor in tandem with suspension, consisting of three odnoplanovye rollers and tracks with a small step, responsible for the quiet and smooth ride technology. Mini excavator 19C-1E provides noise reduction by 6 dB (compared to diesel counterparts). It makes extensive use of the car on the objects of urban construction, in close proximity to residential areas and in the conditions of industrial facilities that are sensitive to noise. Through this technique it is possible to carry out work during evening and night time, without disturbing the requirements of the legislation. This gives the business additional opportunities to reduce labor time and related costs.

Reliable hydraulics

New hydraulic system helps to work precisely and productive, it does not requires high professional competence and experience. Diagnosis of the level of oil in the system may be employed to start the machine without the need.

All hydraulic components have been multi-tested for leaks under load. On fingers joints working equipment applied anti-corrosion coating ARCO. In the hydraulic system 19C-1E also apply to the sealing end rings, they provide the highest levels of integrity. Quality components and Assembly parts, complemented by high-tech engineering solutions, not only makes the mini excavator a reliable and efficient, but also significantly reduce the cost of owning the equipment.

Versatility and practicality

Application 19C-1E in different industries (from road construction to industrial complexes) confirm the versatility and wide range of working characteristics of this model. The car is distinguished by reduced turn radius (1103 mm), compact size and open design of the cockpit with visibility to 270 degrees. This gives you the opportunity to use the excavator in enclosed spaces, dense urban areas and on small areas. A dozer blade is fitted with expanders to change the configuration of the excavator without the use of additional tools. Due to the angle of rotation of the bucket 201 degrees machine effectively holds the soil, which helps to speed up some operations (e.g., load dump). In the line of JCB is the modification with a diameter of 950 mm, 1100 mm and 1344 mm.

Forklift with electric

Forklift JCB Teletruk 30-19E — another model with an electric motor, which has already managed to “test” the owners of the closed areas and industries with high requirements to air quality. It ensures that no emissions of harmful gases and particles in the atmosphere, while retaining all performance characteristics. The machine has a payload capacity of 1900 kg, with 2-metre boom and a small turning radius (2525 mm) length 3000 mm and width of 1295 mm. This allows the use of electric forklift for the solution of a large variety of tasks and a 20% increase in productivity. Teletruk loads with one side of the vehicle, saving up to 50% of the space of the work area and up to 30 minutes of time for each working operation.

Due to the height of 2.2 m, the electric machine can easily call in 40-foot containers and trailers. Lateral position of the boom, giving the operator visibility to the working area of 360 degrees, and the displacement of the carriage allow you to accurately and compactly positioning the cargo in the containers, efficiently using their space. In 2 minutes you can load or unload 3 pallets. Additional manpower is not required. Long reach telescopic boom gives the operator the ability to maintain a safe distance between 30 Teletruk-19E and the container or vehicle for moving loads. This minimizes the possibility of damage to the cargo and the car, allowing you to work faster without sacrificing quality.

Technical characteristics of JCB Teletruk 30-19E augmented power settings of the two traction elektrodvigatel AC with a total capacity of 15 kW. The loader is equipped with one rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of operation. To fully charge need 8 hours from the network 415 V.

The emergence of models of machinery with electrical power units allowed us to change the principles of the commercial construction and industrial facilities, recycling centers and ports, logistics and distribution centers worldwide, giving businesses new opportunities to reduce costs and increase productivity. Now similar opportunities are open to Russian companies, which are ready in a crisis economy to increase the efficiency of their work, to change approaches to doing things and adapt to new market conditions.

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