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About introduction in action of new Standards from the second half of 2020 (current information)
The use of standards that are no longer active or no account taken of changes that can lead to serious problems with the production and sale of products. Keep available at the enterprise facility standards to ensure the compliance of products with applicable standards and requirements, which is an important condition for the successful development of the food industry.
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Actualization of regulatory documents plays a significant role in the work of the testing laboratory of the Altai branch of the fgbi "Center for grain quality assessment", since the main objective of the institution is to implement a unified state policy in the field of ensuring the quality and safety of products manufactured in our plants under the supervision of technologists.

According to the professional reference system "techexpert", from the second half of 2020 enter into force the following of ND in the grain and bean products: GOST 28673-2019 "Oats. Technical conditions" (01.09.2020) instead 28673-90 GOST; GOST 28672-2019 "Barley. Technical conditions" (01.10.2020) instead 28672-90 GOST; GOST 7066-2019 "Lentil plate of food. Technical conditions" (01.11.2020) instead 7066-77 GOST; GOST 28674-2019 "Peas. Technical conditions" (01.11.2020) instead of GOST 28674-90; and in cereal products: GOST 7022-2019 "semolina. Technical conditions" (01.11.2020) instead of GOST 7022-97.

In the animal feed industry with 01.10.2020 are put into effect GOST 16955-2019 "mixed Feed for control fattening of pigs. Specifications" to replace GOST 16955-71; GOST 21055-2019 "compaund feeds for bacon pigs. Specifications" to replace GOST 21055-96.

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