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USDA: oilseeds production in India in 2018/19 MG will increase by 10%
According to experts, the USDA, total production of oilseeds (soybeans, rapeseed, mustard, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cotton) in India in 2018/19 MG may increase by 10% in comparison with the previous season - up to 38.8 million tons. Thus, the area sown to oilseeds will reach 38.4 million ha, which will also exceed last year's level (37 million hectares). In addition, production growth will also be driven by the rising yields of these crops amid favorable weather conditions
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In particular, the production of soybean in India in the next season is projected at 11.5 million tons compared to 9 million tons in the previous season, with a yield of 1 t/ha (0.8 t/ha). It is also expected to increase production of rapeseed to 7 (6,4) million tons and cotton to 12.2 (and 12.1) million tons.

The growth of production of oilseeds will also increase the production of meals to 17.3 million tons compared to 15.9 million tonnes in 2017/18 MG. In addition, subject to favorable market conditions and high competitiveness of Indian soymeal in the world market of export of this product from the country in 2018/19 MG may reach 2.9 million tons against 2.1 million tons in the previous season.

As for vegetable oils, their production in India in 2018/19 MG is expected to reach 7.5 million tons. However, due to the forecast increase in domestic demand for oil (up to 24,8 million tons), imports could rise by nearly 1 million tons from 16.3 million tons in 2017/18 MG to 17.4 million tonnes in 2018/19 MG.

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