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"Baltika" intends to work actively to protect the interests of bona fide participants of the beer market
This was during a Moscow financial forum said the Vice-President of "Baltika" to work with public authorities and corporate relations East Europe region Alexey Kedrin. According to him, for effective prevention of illegal trafficking market, it is necessary to consolidate efforts of government, industry representatives and professional associations.
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Baltika considers it important to devote significant efforts to fight illegal trafficking, and thereby to protect the legal interests of market participants.

For effective prevention of illegal trafficking of beer it is necessary to study the most likely scenarios for the formation of a grey market, taking into account the situation in other sectors of the alcohol market and international experience.

Alexei Kedrin, the Vice-President on work with bodies of state power and corporate relations of Eastern Europe, the brewing company "Baltika": "Today in the Forum "the brewing industry – 20 years together" the President of the company "Baltika" Lars Lehmann said about the need to strengthen work in the prevention of grey market. Today there is no single method of determining the volumes of illegal market of alcohol. It is necessary to develop clear and transparent criteria for potential drivers of illegal beer market. Work in advance, do not wait until this issue will affect the competitive environment and conscientious participants of the market."

Illegal producers can remain outside regulation, while conscientious companies face with excessive restrictions. Market participants, in cooperation with the government can intensify efforts to combat illegal trafficking. A timely step in this case, producers see resolution distance selling of alcohol. First and foremost, this initiative will help bring order to the Internet and to block current illegal channel: translate it into a legal framework, to establish clear "rules of the game" and configure monitoring tools.


The contribution of the company "Baltika" in the development of the brewing industry has been repeatedly noted by the relevant organizations. Held on 13 September forum "the brewing industry – 20 years together" Vice-President "Baltic" Alexey Kedrin was awarded the Honorary diploma of the Federal service for alcohol market regulation for impeccable work and high achievements in professional activities.

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