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The autumn assortment of the company "Baltika" has replenished with a novelty – "Baltika 9. Cherry"
In product range of the brand "Baltika" introduces a new strong lager "Baltika 9. Cherry", which is characterized by a balanced taste, aroma of ripe cherry and soft unobtrusive bitterness. The new variety is already available in retail outlets across the country.
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"Baltika 9. Cherry" – rich cherry beer with a special balance of taste, aroma of ripe cherries and a moderate unobtrusive bitterness. The strength of the drink (7%) is reached exclusively by natural fermentation, according to a unique recipe developed by the experts of the Department for innovation and research in Europe the brewing company "Baltika", part of Carlsberg Group.

The relevance of the launch is justified by the changing taste preferences of consumers on Russian market: a growing interest in special Beers and unusual tastes. "Baltika 9" is in the TOP 3 brands in the category of strong beer, taking a 1.8%* the Russian market. For over 20 years "Baltika 9" retains the high quality and consistent taste that richness and fullness. Especially for consumers who prefer more robust Beers, it has developed a new product – "Baltika 9. Cherry".

Alina Krzywaczka, Director of development of the brand "Baltika" brewing company "Baltika", part of Carlsberg Group: "We recognize that consumers want and are open to new tastes, so we are ready to offer them something special. This year for lovers of a more dense rich Beers we have developed a new product with the addition of natural cherry juice – "Baltika 9. Cherry". Sure the new beer will surprise not only fans of strong lager, and consumers of special varieties".

Since mid-September, "Baltika 9. Cherry" in a jar 0,45 l can be purchased in the shops of "Dixy", "Bristol", "Family", SPAR and Magnet across the country.

Strong lager "Baltika 9" is successfully exported to 44 countries, including Germany, Ireland, France, USA. The most popular the brand is in China and Kyrgyzstan.


*Data of retail audit research company Nielsen, in volume terms, with respect to urban and rural markets of Russia

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