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Rosstat reported about the rise in price of buckwheat in December
Prices for millet in RF in December 2019 fell 4.2%, the most among other food products, buckwheat has risen by 5.4% - most markedly among the cereals, is spoken in the message of Rosstat.
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"In December, among the food category, decrease in prices for wheat by 4.2%. The decline in prices was noted in the majority of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, 18 of which 7% or more. Only significant millet fell in the Republic of Altai and the Jewish Autonomous region by 20.6% and 14.1% respectively", - stated in the message Department.
Rosstat notes that among the cereals has considerably risen in price buckwheat - 5.4%: in 20 regions of Russia prices increased by 9% or more, more essential - in the Jewish Autonomous oblast and Primorsky Krai by 18.7% and 18.1%, respectively.
Experts interviewed by RIA Novosti in September, have said that prices for buckwheat due to the decrease of production due to reduced acreage will gradually increase. The reduction in acreage are explained by the overproduction of this product over the previous two years. In addition, the experts forecast a decline in retail prices of millet followed by wholesale due to the significant crop of millet.
In General, the food in December 2019 rose in price by 0.7%: in particular, chicken eggs rose by 6.3% (15.4% in December 2018), fruits and vegetables - by 3.8% (8.9% a year earlier), cereals and pulses - 1% (1.2%). The prices reductions were recorded for sugar - by 3.7%, against a growth of 2% a year earlier, and meat and poultry - by 0.1% against growth of 1%, respectively.

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