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Prices for Russian wheat rose for the week to $203 per ton - experts
Export prices for Russian wheat (protein 12.5 percent) of new crop with delivery in August for a week from 2 to 9 July increased $7.5 to $203 per ton, follows from the monitoring of the analytical center of JSC "Rusagrotrans".
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However, as reported "Interfax" the head of the center Igor Pavensky, the offer price of wheat is much higher - $208-210 per tonne. A year earlier the price was $192 per ton.

The average current price for French new crop wheat is $218 per ton (increase of $9), a Ukrainian - $203,5 ($6), American - $226 ($20).

The Egyptian state company GASC to tender 7 July purchased 230 thousand tons of Russian wheat for delivery 8-18 August to $204,8-of 205.6 per ton FOB (for $218,8 per ton C&F). "Given topsecret of $6 per ton FOB price amounted to approximately $199 per ton," - said the head of the center. Compared to the previous tender, which was held on 18 June, the estimated FOB price increased by $2.6 per ton.

As reported Pavensky, exchange the wheat market strengthened significantly because of the news about the reduction of gross output in the EU, Argentina, USA, and remain at the low level of productivity in the South of Russia. "September futures in Chicago closing Thursday, July 9, rose to a monthly high of $192,9 per ton, the September futures in Paris - up to $211,9 per ton," he said.

Against the background of stronger export prices the purchase prices of new crop wheat (4th class, protein 12,5%) in deepwater ports for the week rose to 450 rubles per ton, up 12 900-13 200 rubles per ton (excluding VAT). Last year the price averaged 10 600-10 700 rubles per ton. Procurement prices for low water had risen to 12 500 rubles (250 rubles), last year they amounted to 10 000 rubles.

In the domestic market wheat prices strengthened in the South. The offer price EXW of wheat 4-th class consists of 12 100-12 300 rubles per ton. In the center and the Volga region prices have not yet formed.

"Trading activity is low, the producers are holding back sales of the grain on the background of bottom crop," - said the expert.

As stated Pavensky, according to some calculations, the exports of wheat from Russia, including exports to the EAEC countries, amounted to 35.1 million tons. From EU countries including the UK, exports, according to the European Commission amounted to a little more of 35.3 million tons. In third place USA - 26.4 million tons.

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