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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
По оперативным данным органов управления АПК субъектов Российской Федерации по состоянию на 10 августа 2020 года зерновые и зернобобовые культуры обмолочены с площади 21,4 млн га или 44,6% к посевной площади, намолочено 73,5 млн тонн зерна при урожайности 34,3 ц/га.

Ягодники во всех южных регионах пострадали от заморозков и затяжных дождей

РФ в этом году может собрать 127,5 млн тонн зерна, прогнозируют эксперты аналитического центра АО "Русагротранс", повысившие оценку валового сбора на 3,1 млн тонн.

Monday, 03 August 2020
По оперативным данным органов управления АПК субъектов Российской Федерации по состоянию на 31 июля 2020 года зерновые и зернобобовые культуры обмолочены с площади 16,6 млн га (2019г. - 15,5 млн га) или 34,7% к посевной площади, намолочено 58,1 млн тонн (2019г. - 53,2 млн тонн) при урожайности 34,9 ц/га (2019г. - 34,4 ц/га).

Friday, 31 July 2020
Harvest 2020, according to forecasts of agrometeorologia, expected good. This was stated by the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

According to operational data of the agricultural administrative bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation as of July 29, 2020, grains and legumes threshed from the area of 15.5 million ha (in 2019. - 14.5 million ha) or 32.4% of the cultivated area, harvested 54,0 million tons of grain (in 2019. - 50,3 million tons) with a yield of 34.8 t/ha (in 2019. - 34,7 C/hectares).

Tuesday, 28 July 2020
The export of Russian grain in July 2020, in the first month of the new agricultural year will amount to about 3.4 million tons, lower than last year (4.76 million tons) against the background of the backlog of cleaning that took place in the first half of July, and the reduction of supply of wheat from the farmers. However, it is close to the average level of export of grain in July over the past five years, said "Interfax" head of the analytical center of JSC "Rusagrotrans" Igor Pavensky.

The estimate of production was reduced by 1 million tons

Friday, 24 July 2020
The July report of the International Grains Council (IGC) on the global balance of corn in the 2020/21 season did not bring any surprises regarding the settlement last month.

In its July report, the international Grains Council (IGC) lowered the forecast of world wheat production in the season 2020/21, and with it forecast global supply, despite a slight increase in valuation of the initial stocks.

Thursday, 23 July 2020
The Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev has held a meeting of operational headquarters for monitoring the situation of socially significant agricultural products and food. The participants, including representatives of the Council of Federation, Federal Executive authorities, regional agricultural administrative bodies and trade associations, discussed the situation in agriculture and in the food market of Russia.

Thursday, 16 July 2020
In Russia starts mass harvesting of early grain and leguminous crops. The situation in the country is extremely heterogeneous: the main grain regions of the South, for example, greatly suffered from drought.

Thursday, 09 July 2020
Experts of the grain market changed the assessment of crop in Russia this year, but hope not. Some, despite the low grain yield at the start of the harvest in southern regions once again increased the estimate of harvest given the favourable conditions in the regions of center and Volga region, others have begun to reduce the previously made predictions.

Tuesday, 07 July 2020
Also, prices will be influenced by the control measures from the Russian authorities

Monday, 06 July 2020
This year the production of agricultural products could increase by 1% compared to 2019 with the planned value of 1.8%, according to Accolade of the Ministry of agriculture on the implementation of the state program of development of agriculture in the past year.

Thursday, 02 July 2020
In the agricultural sector has started the new season. Market participants said the "Agroinvestor" like them formed the previous agricultural year and any hopes and fears they associate with 2020/21-m

Tuesday, 30 June 2020
Consulting company Strategie Grains has again lowered its estimate of the rapeseed crop this year in the European Union and the UK to 16.54 million tons, compared to 16.68 million a month ago.

Monday, 22 June 2020
However, the cereals deficit is not expected

Over the last 10 years the average annual growth of cultivated area of soybean in Russia reached 13.4%