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Wednesday, 02 September 2020
Россельхозбанк рассчитывает дополнительно выдать порядка 100 млрд рублей льготной сельской ипотеки в первый год реализации госпрограммы Минсельхоза «Комплексное развитие сельских территорий». Соответствующий прогноз озвучил Председатель Правления РСХБ Борис Листов во время совместной пресс-конференции с заместителем Министра сельского хозяйства Оксаной Лут 1 сентября.

Monday, 17 August 2020
14 августа Министр сельского хозяйства Дмитрий Патрушев совершил рабочую поездку в Удмуртскую Республику. Основной темой мероприятий визита стала реализация госпрограммы «Комплексное развитие сельских территорий» (КРСТ), которая стартовала в 2020 году. В совещании о ходе реализации КРСТ принял участие Председатель Правления Россельхозбанка Борис Листов. Банк проанализировал собственную статистику по ипотечным кредитам, оформленным в рамках КРСТ, и составил рейтинг федеральных округов по востребованности сельской ипотеки.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020
До конца 2020 года доля охваченных сельских территорий, где присутствуют отделения и представители Россельхозбанка, увеличится на 25,7 процентного пункта и достигнет 97,2%.

Thursday, 06 August 2020
Компания «Балтийский лизинг» продлила действие спецпрограмм по брендам Case и New Holland, которые входят в состав итальянского концерна CNH Industrial, - ведущего производителя сельскохозяйственной и строительной техники. Теперь клиенты «Балтийского лизинга» могут приобретать спецтехнику этих марок на льготных условиях и со сниженной процентной ставкой по договору до 31 августа 2020 года.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020
For the first 6 months of 2020, the volume of credit issued by JSC "Russian agricultural Bank" for seasonal activities amounted to 222,9 RUB bln Total volume of credit funds, issued by the agricultural borrowers in the agribusiness, during the same period increased by 27.4% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 742,0 billion.

Thursday, 23 July 2020
The expansion of the program of preferential mortgage at 3% per annum has a positive impact on the development of rural areas and the development of agrarian sector of economy, the head of the onf project "For the rights of borrowers" Eugene Lazarev.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020
The Russian government will allocate 10 billion rubles for benefits on loans to enterprises of agroindustrial complex (AIC). This was stated on Monday, the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Monday, 13 July 2020
The agricultural producers will delay payments on subsidized loans for the year. Draft decision on the allocation of grants to banks on compensation of the shortfall of their incomes on the loans granted at a concessional rate, prepared by the government, said Deputy government Victoria Abramchenko.

Producers and processors of agricultural products can extend the year previously taken preferential short-term loan, which expires in 2020, reported the press service of the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko. This will be one of the measures to support industry amid the spread of the coronavirus.

Friday, 26 June 2020
From the beginning of 2020, the agricultural Bank issued to export-oriented agribusiness credit funds in the amount of 148,4 billion rubles, which exceeded the previous year by 72%. On June 1, 2020, the credit portfolio of Rosselkhozbank export-oriented agricultural companies reached 291,3 billion rubles, and the number of companies serviced by the Bank amounted to 1251 unit.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020
According to the document, government can support lending to farmers, if the share of income from the sale of these products in total income is not less than 70% per year.

Friday, 29 May 2020
One of the main complaints of farmers on products of crediting for purchase of agricultural machinery is their high cost. But maybe it's not so bad? We contacted the Director of "Agrofirma Aktanysh Tatarstan Ramil Valiev Philosophicum and was asked to share his opinion on this issue.

Friday, 15 May 2020
Agriculture in the era of coronavirus is experiencing the same problems as most other sectors: export agriculture and fishery complex is reduced, production volumes are reduced. But there were reasons to look to the future with optimism: a number of experts believe that the weakening of the national currency in the conditions of a pandemic could be the beginning of a new and promising way for the development of export supply. So, what changes should be expected for the agricultural sector, says Alexander Kaznacheev, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow credit Bank (ICB).

Thursday, 30 April 2020
Analytical center "Expert" has published a ranking of leasing companies, which carry out their activities in the Urals and Western Siberia. By the end of 2019, "the Baltic leasing" took first place among the regions of the lessors, the volume of new business (cost of leasing property without VAT) for the reporting period amounted to 8.05 billion rubles.

Monday, 27 April 2020
JSC "Rosselkhozbank" started funding under the state loan program to pay wages for small and micro business and individual entrepreneurs. The Bank adopted the decision on financing at the request of companies and started issuing loans. One of the first of borrowers who received an interest-free loan, was the sanatorium "Mashuk", located in the Stavropol Krai in Pyatigorsk.

Thursday, 09 April 2020
"Baltic leasing" continues to improve its online services. In the first week of April, the company has improved its database of automotive catalog, now the number of sentences it increased by 30% and exceeded at 86.9 thousands of items. For joined more than 100 new dealerships.

As 01.04.2020 the total amount of credit funds, issued by the agricultural Bank for carrying out seasonal works, amounted to 152.5 billion rubles, which is 31% higher than the same period last year. Of these, more than 37% of loans are furnished at reduced rates not higher than 5%.

Wednesday, 08 April 2020
Company "Baltic leasing" successfully held the first week, supporting all business processes in the system of remote access. Communication on transactions is fully implemented through the online services of the lessor. Work on current projects continues, the managers remain in touch with clients and partners.

Monday, 06 April 2020
In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of April 2, 2020 No. 239, agricultural Bank, as an organization providing financial services in part of emergency functions, will provide access to basic goods and services in all regions of presence.

Friday, 03 April 2020
Agricultural Bank first signed an agreement with the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation and was among the authorized banks according to the results of consumer credit without collateral for the villagers at a reduced rate of 3% per annum. This tool is part of the state program "Complex development of rural territories" (KRST).