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Thursday, 07 November 2019
FAO is revising the forecast for cereal production in the world in 2019 in the downside here for the second consecutive month; this month it was lowered more than 2 million tonnes, due to the deterioration of the harvest of feed grains and partly of wheat. Despite this, the volume of grain production in the world is expected to exceed the sales in 2018 of almost 47 million tonnes (1.8 per cent).

Wednesday, 02 October 2019
Drought, caused by global warming could destroy up to 60% of wheat fields in the world by the end of the century that will lead to food shortages and instability, warn researchers.

Monday, 30 September 2019
The experts of the IGC in its updated report reduced the forecast of world production of durum wheat in 2019/20 MG to 1.1 million tons compared to the previous assessment - to 35.7 million tonnes, which is also inferior to the results of last season (38.2 million tons).

Monday, 09 September 2019
In recent years Russia has made significant progress in entering the markets for agricultural products of the Asian countries: domestic wheat bought all new States started long ago discussed the supply of poultry and dairy products to China. However, to increase exports of agricultural products and consolidate Russia's position in Asia is necessary to solve still a lot of questions, and Eastern economic forum is an excellent platform for discussion. On the prospects of Russian exports to Asian markets, the situation in the wheat market and how will Russia overtake Ukraine's sunflower oil exports, in an interview with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the East economic forum-2019, said the Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Sergey Levin. Interviewed By Anton Meshcheryakov.

Thursday, 05 September 2019
In Australia a third successive dry. Projections for the crucial spring growing period 2019. (begins in September) are expected rainfall is below average and experts already fear that the wheat crop in the country will be 10% less than the previous not too optimistic forecasts. The Agency said Grain Online, citing Reuters news Agency.

Wednesday, 04 September 2019
In China to combat pests that destroy the crop, has used drones with pre-loaded with insecticides

Wednesday, 28 August 2019
Canola (Oilseed Brassica napus) ranks second among major oilseed crops after soybeans, which dominates world production. It is an important crop in most grain growing regions of Australia, which accounts for more than half of all Australian oilseed products, including soybeans, cotton seeds, peanut and sunflower

Friday, 23 August 2019
From January to July 2019 China significantly increased its imports of beef from Australia, having an annual quota on import in accordance with the agreement on free trade between the two countries for four months sooner than expected.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019
During a global research project led by the University of Western Australia, in collaboration with the Department of industry and regional development Western Australia, scientists have identified the compounds in the wool of Merino sheep, which attract Australian flies.

Thursday, 13 June 2019
Dry weather in Australia may persist at least until the end of September. This forecast was made by the Bureau of meteorology of Australia.

Monday, 10 June 2019
Canadian wheat sales to China reached a 14-year high, despite the dispute over the supply of canola

Monday, 03 June 2019
Russia can take advantage of the protracted trade conflict between the US and China to occupy a niche in the Chinese market, with the benefits due to the weakening of the ruble will be able to exporters from various sectors, experts polled by "Prime" Agency.

Monday, 13 May 2019
A group of South Korean flour millers purchased 30 thousand tons of Australian wheat for delivery 01-31 Aug.

Tuesday, 07 May 2019
The expected lower yields in Canada and the EU will not lead to an imbalance in the global market of rapeseed, given the expected growth of supplies from Ukraine and Australia, experts say

Monday, 29 April 2019
The Indian government took this decision to support local producers willing to invest in the cultivation of wheat

Thursday, 25 April 2019
This issue is worked out in the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation

Tuesday, 09 April 2019
In the capital of Australia Canberra starts operation the world's first commercial air freight services for customers using unmanned drones. It is reported 9 APR AMNA.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019
German dairy company Hochland became the owner of 25% shares of "Greek family farm", which has been producing feta cheese and goat cheese.

Thursday, 18 October 2018
The loss of agricultural exports to Italy from the Russian restrictions in response to Western sanctions exceeded one billion euros, said Wednesday the Association of Italian farmers Coldiretti.

Friday, 24 August 2018
Executive Director, Federation of farmers of Australia Tony Mahar said that such support of the American authorities seriously complicate the lives of Australian farmers.